Who Were the R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S.?

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Here's the list that Nat Kuhn has gathered so far, based mainly on his memory, Dave Fox's web page, and lots of e-mail. Contact resistors@resistors.org if you are among the missing. Some people on the list were members, some weren't but were around a good deal. Our apologies to the many people we've left off. Additions and corrections are greatly appreciated, as are any clues as to the whereabouts of people, especially those without e-mail addresses. The list is divided up into rough historical periods that also don't necessarily make much sense.

See what we look like now


Andy Walker Barry Klein Andy Redfield Anne Hunter Claude Kagan
Bill Lang Bob Evans Dave Barach Cynthia Dwork Ted Nelson
Bill Weasner Daryl "Beetle" Bailey Don Schattschneider John Keane Bob Levine
Bob Skillman Dave Theriault Geoff Peck David Fox Larry Laitnen (sp?)
Charlie Ehrlich Gail Warner Jean Hunter Mike Laznovsky Tony Weber
Chris Brigham Don Irwin John Gorman Morgan Hite Hans Bream
Cindy Cole Gifford "Giff "Marzoni John Levine Neil Schwartz
Doug Timbie JB Robinson Jonathan Eckstein Paul Rubin
George Powell Joe Tulloch Jordan Young Tonia Saxon
Jim Yost Skip King Lauren Sarno (Colias) Tsutomu Shimomura
Larry Owen
Len Bosack

Laurie Lamar
Lewis Johnson

Mark Grossman
Linda Toole

Steve Payne
Margy Levine (Young)

Mark Stratton

Martin Pensak

Mike Wolf

Nat Kuhn

Peter Eichenberger

Robert "Igor" Lechner

Shelly Heilweil (friend)

Steve Emmerich

Steve Kirsch

("started West Coast branch")

Steve Ludlum

Ted Heilweil

Tom Wolf

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