Memorial Service for Claude Kagan

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Claude Kagan

August 11, 2012, at the InfoAge Musum at Historic Camp Evans in Wall, NJ

The memorial event was well attended by RESISTORS, people associated with the InfoAge Museum, and others who knew Claude over the years.

Materials from the event


Skip King

Along those lines some may recall Claude’s stories of carrying powdered Hollandaise in his briefcase when he traveled. If a menu did not have Eggs Benedict he would whip out the envelope and insist the cook prepare it with the proffered packet of powder.

If the menu did list Eggs Benedict, Claude would order it and upon being presented the bill for $4.50 he would ask for the menu and point to "eggs any style" for $2.00 and insist that was all he need pay.

Joe Tulloch

I recall being at the barn during that moon walk in 1969...there a couple small TV sets hooked up in different parts of the barn....We put together a small library and cleaned up areas in the barn.

It was quite a shock learning that Claude had gone on. I never got a chance to thank him for helping me become who I am today. I recall him and the pipe. One of the wizards of the west. I recall him appearing out of nowhere one Christmas Eve. It was my first year going to the Barn. He came to our home in Trenton. He gave us a tree and toys. I was around 12 at the time.

Working on the art for the book and that PDP 8 leads me to having a 25 year career in computer programming. Because, during the early seventies, one of Claude's engineer friends, presents an overview on one of the PDP series’ operating system, one night a week, at the Trenton YMCA. It's free and I like Digital Corporation.

Years later a classmate, from that course, talks me into working for the state of NJ as a computer programmer. Claude sends me to France for three months. There I learn about old bookstores, great libraries, art history, and beautiful churches. The art I saw inside and outside theses church structures amazes me.

Years later, I'm studying Church history and Theology, at a Biblical university. I do this for a year before starting Graduate studies in Buddhist psychology, Taoism, and meditation. After retiring from the state of NJ, becoming a priest of Ifa, studying with the Ifa foundation of North and Latin America, and reconnecting with my Unitarian roots.

One of my key mantras is keeping an open mind. I send thanks to Claude, and my fellow Resistors and friends, we shared important learning experiences.