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The R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S.: Where are they now?

The R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S. is an acronym which was the name of a computer club for high school students founded around 1967 which recruited me in eight grade and has pretty much set my course in life. So here I pay tribute to the R.E.S.I.S.T.O.R.S. and attempt to track down as many former members and associates as I can. By the way, if you weren't specifically a member but you were in on the scene and you want to be listed on this page let me know. It seems silly to exclude people.

The RESISTORS started in Hopewell Township prior to 1967 consisting of a group of Hopewell Township School students who formed a club to smoke pot in a small stone building on Poor Farm Road in protest of the lack of decent science program in their school system. They visited me in my barn and changed their purpose getting high on computers instead. - Claude Kagan

Early Barn period:

  • Daryl ``Beetle Bailey
  • Chuck Ehrlich
  • Bob Evans
  • Jerome N.B. ``Skip King
  • Barry Klein
  • Chris Brigham
  • Mark Grossmann
  • Don Irwin
  • Gifford ``Giff Marzoni
  • JB Robinson
  • Dave Theriault
  • Joe Tulloch
  • Gail Warren

Late Barn period:

  • Dave Barach (somewhere in Silicon valley)
  • Mark Bayern
  • Len Bosack
  • Cynthia Dwork
  • Jonathan Eckstein
  • Peter Eichenberger
  • Steve Emmerich
  • Johnny Gorman
  • Shelly Heilweil
  • Ted Heilweil
  • Jean Hunter
  • Lewis Johnson
  • Steve Kirsch (``started West Coast branch)
  • Nat Kuhn
  • Robert ``Igor Lechner
  • John Levine
  • Margy Levine (Young)
  • Steve Ludlum
  • Geoff Peck
  • Martin Pensak
  • Andy Redfield
  • Lauren Sarno
  • Don Schattschneider
  • Linda Toole
  • Mark Stratton
  • Mike Wolf
  • Tom Wolf
  • Jordan Young

Princeton period:

  • David Fox
  • Morgan Hite
  • Anne Hunter (Thomas)
  • John Keane
  • Michael Laznovsky
  • Paul Rubin
  • Tonia Saxon
  • Neil Schwartz

Not sure...

  • Matt Neuberg
  • Tsutomu Shimomura (``Got his start in the RESISTORS per Ted Nelson)
  • Al White
  • Karl Nicholas
  • Peter Murray


  • Claude Kagan
  • Bob Levine
  • Ted Nelson
  • Anthony E (tony) Weber
  • Larry Stein
  • Margaret Fox
  • Larry Laitinen
  • Paul Murray

(Some of these people were members, others were not, but I can't remember which are which. I guess its not really important. If you happen to know any more let me know. Here is as much of the publicity folder as I've scanned so far. Feel free to contribute captions for these images. - dsf@hci.ucsd.edu.)

Here is a link to the Sam-76 self-extracting zip file. The resulting .exe file should be 1714153 bytes long. Claude sent me this text relating to it, but I'm not sure who he is quoting:

Very good, BTW do you have a copy of the RESISTORS book, called he "sam76 Language", the foreword written by NAT, and the "backword" details a lot of names, and some of the history. That was the major long lasting product of the RESISTORS and the book is still valid, and the sofware is available for a number of platforms including the source code. That is also in AOL (keyword sam76). If you want the book let me have your address and I will be delighted to mail you a copy. The artwork in it was done by Joe Tulloch. and the book has been available since 1976, and is banned from the Hopewell Township School system due to the saracastic comments about said system.

Claude - You might want to put in the page some of the artwork from that book. Note that this book is the only computer book that I know of where the examples are actually executed as part of the typeset process, so that the results of the examples are absolutely accurate to the extent that the sample is correct. The typeset software was written in the sam76 language and is contemporary with UNIX roff.

Claude told me that he will be giving copies of the Sam76 book to all reunion attendees.